• Image of MARCHING CHURCH - This World Is Not Enough LP
  • Image of MARCHING CHURCH - This World Is Not Enough LP

Out March 31, 2015.
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Ltd.150 Standard edition comes with obi strip and a lyrics translation sheet on a poster sleeve.

BIGLOVE080x Ltd.50 LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON. Special edition comes with 14x18 flag piece, obi strip, and a lyrics translation sheet on a poster sleeve.

Although I have done a few things under the Marching Church moniker since 2010, the project, as in the constellation on this album, was born in November 2013 with Kristian Emdal, Anton Rothstein, Cæcilie Trier, Bo H. Hansen and Frederikke Hoffmeier.

We had agreed to play with Pharmakon at Mayhem, our warehouse space in Copenhagen, even though i hadn’t done anything with the project for quite some time. With two months before the show, I threw together a few half-thought-out ideas and sketches, presented them to the new band, and was amazed to see how the songs took life in their hands. I had a picture in my head of me in a comfortable arm chair, adorned in a golden robe, leading a band while a girl kept pouring me champagne. "What would this picture sound like?" was the question.

For some songs I was inspired by my friend Jamie Cripps, who unfortunately is no longer with us, and his project The Pale Horse, as well as a record by David Maranha called Antarctica that I was played one night at my favourite bar, The Nightingale in Tokyo. Those records made me want to create something that sounded half asleep and like it was being dragged across the ground, or smoldering in a bonfire, in order to keep on playing. At least that was the initial inspiration, in time it got a bit overtaken with an idea of being the leader of a soul group—people likeJames Brown,Young Americans-era David Bowie, and Sam Cooke were inspirations in this aspect.

Improvisation, something I have never done before, was crucial in the making of this album. The album works because of the band’s incredible ability of breathing life into these loosely written and at times very simple ideas and experiments. Though Marching Church might be a dictatorship,This World is Not Enough was very much a collaborative effort. Everyone involved does other projects as well, but I wouldn’t want to see it as a "side project." That term seems degrading.
In conclusion, half-disgusted with talking about myself, I’m going to leave you with This World Is Not Enough—eight songs of nocturnal longing, preposterous self-obsession and cockeyed etiquette.


Elias B. Rønnenfelt

Marching Churchの名で、2010年からソロでいくつかの作品を発表して来たものの、このプロジェクトが始動したのは2013年11月、アルバム制作のため、Kristian Emdal、Anton Rothstein、Cæcilie Trier、Bo H. HansenそしてFrederikke Hoffmeierが集った時だった。



数曲ははっきりとインスピレーションを受けている。残念ながらこの世を去った友人Jamie CrippsのプロジェクトThe Pale Horse、そして一番好きなバー、東京のNightingaleでかけてくれたDavid Maranhaの『Antarcia』のレコード。それを聴いていたら、夢うつつで地面を引きずられるような、たき火がくすぶるような。そんな気分になった。少なくともそれが初期のインスピレーションで、やがてそれはぼくがソウル・グループのリーダーになるというアイディアに変わって行った。James Brownとか、Young Americansの頃のDavid Bowie、Sam Cookeとか。

即興、というこれまで挑戦したことがないもの、はこのアルバムを作るのに極めて大きな要素になった。このアルバムが機能しているのは、ぼくのラフで簡素で実験的なアイディアに、想像を越えた能力で他のメンバーが生を与えているところだろう。Marching Churchはぼくの独裁的なプロジェクトとは言え、『This World Is Not Enough』はコラボレーションの賜物。メンバーそれぞれが別のプロジェクトに携わっていたとしてもこれを「サイド・プロジェクト」と呼ぶには完成度が高すぎると思う。



Elias B. Rønnenfelt

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