• Image of BIG LOVE vs GOODHOOD 2020
  • Image of BIG LOVE vs GOODHOOD 2020

Limited T for Goodhood London https://goodhoodstore.com/

Please check the expensive shipping cost.
Due to Japan Post shipping suspension to several countries, orders are shipped via DHL (flat rate 5000JPY, 2800JPY/USA) or Japan Post (2500JPY flat rate to UK and Netherland.) depending on your country. Please check the shipping costs below.


着丈 Body length:27.5/70.0 (IN/CM)
身幅 Chest width:17.7/45.0 (IN/CM)
袖丈 Sleeve length:7.7/17.0 (IN/CM)
肩幅 Shoulder width:17.3/44.0 (IN/CM)

着丈 Body length:28.3/72.0 (IN/CM)
身幅 Chest width:19.8/50.5 (IN/CM)
袖丈 Sleeve length:6.8/17.5 (IN/CM)
肩幅 Shoulder width:18.7/47.5 (IN/CM)

着丈 Body length:29.5/75.0 (IN/CM)
身幅 Chest width:21.6/55.0 (IN/CM)
袖丈 Sleeve length:7.4/19.0 (IN/CM)
肩幅 Shoulder width:20.0/51.0 (IN/CM)

着丈 Body length:30.9/78.5 (IN/CM)
身幅 Chest width:23.6/60.0 (IN/CM)
袖丈 Sleeve length: 9.4/20.0 (IN/CM)
肩幅 Shoulder width: 22.8/58.0 (IN/CM)

着丈 Body length:31.5/80.0 (IN/CM)
身幅 Chest width:24.8/63.0 (IN/CM)
袖丈 Sleeve length: 7.8/20.5 (IN/CM)
肩幅 Shoulder width: 23.6/60.0 (IN/CM)

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