• Image of BIG LOVE vs GOODHOOD 2020
  • Image of BIG LOVE vs GOODHOOD 2020

Limited T for Goodhood London https://goodhoodstore.com/

Due to Japan Post shipping suspension to several countries, orders are shipped via DHL (flat rate 5000JPY) or Japan Post (2500JPY flat rate to USA, UK and Netherland.) depending on your country. Please check the shipping costs below.


着丈 Body length:27.5/70.0 (IN/CM)
身幅 Chest width:17.7/45.0 (IN/CM)
袖丈 Sleeve length:7.7/17.0 (IN/CM)
肩幅 Shoulder width:17.3/44.0 (IN/CM)

着丈 Body length:28.3/72.0 (IN/CM)
身幅 Chest width:19.8/50.5 (IN/CM)
袖丈 Sleeve length:6.8/17.5 (IN/CM)
肩幅 Shoulder width:18.7/47.5 (IN/CM)

着丈 Body length:29.5/75.0 (IN/CM)
身幅 Chest width:21.6/55.0 (IN/CM)
袖丈 Sleeve length:7.4/19.0 (IN/CM)
肩幅 Shoulder width:20.0/51.0 (IN/CM)

着丈 Body length:30.9/78.5 (IN/CM)
身幅 Chest width:23.6/60.0 (IN/CM)
袖丈 Sleeve length: 9.4/20.0 (IN/CM)
肩幅 Shoulder width: 22.8/58.0 (IN/CM)

着丈 Body length:31.5/80.0 (IN/CM)
身幅 Chest width:24.8/63.0 (IN/CM)
袖丈 Sleeve length: 7.8/20.5 (IN/CM)
肩幅 Shoulder width: 23.6/60.0 (IN/CM)